Dell latitude e6540 overheating fix

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Dell latitude e6540 overheating fix

Alright so, I have owned this laptop for a few months now and since the beginning it has been overheating. I have searched all over for a fix and no matter what, I can't fix my problem. So what can I do?

I know the Latitude series always had the problem with overheating and I really want to fix this since it really changes my look on the quality of dell products. On average the laptop runs around with nothing running, launching anything such as minecraft or even an nes emulator pushes my computer very high, the nes emu gets it around 88 degrees Celsius while minecraft and others push it to That's about the worst possible scenario out of the ones I imagined, but have you run a monitoring program to confirm that the clock speed was dropping when the system is under no or low load?

And that the cores were a low or zero load during that time? I had a similar problem though not as bad - the fan would just run constantly and push hit air out after upgrading the E to a quad-core i7, and it only worked itself out when I updated the chipset drivers to the newest Intel non-Dell version.

Then it disappeared.

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I checked and when nothing needy is running it will goes to low usage, but again; when playing games it just skyrockets and jumps to 99 celsius. Even my friend doesn't understand whats wrong and he is pretty smart with computers.

The fan and everything is running and even on a flat surface I see no change in temperature. And you made sure all the power-saving options Speedstep, C-States, etc. I ask because even through the clock speed may be dropping down at idle, the core voltage could be staying high no matter what, which was my problem with a CPU upgrade.

Made absolutely sure the heatsink is flush to the CPU. There was an issue with the E where there was sometimes a "gap" and you needed a thermal pad to make up the difference. You said you bought this used, right? Well maybe the original owner had a dual-core in it, and then upgraded to quad-core, but kept the single-pipe cooling that shipped with the system? Back then, the CPUs ran pretty hot and believe Dell had 2 heatsinks, one for dual-core and a dual-pipe model specifically designed for quad-core 2 and 3-series processors.

See if you can have a look online to see the differences and then determine which one you have. If you have a single-pipe then I think that might be the problem.

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Here's an old thread on the E, which is very similar to the problems I've seen with the Latitude 6-series from this era, and you should give it a read.

It's not entirely Especific, but it's the same basic design and same inherent issues. I think this is a pic of the copper dual-pipe heatsink that is supposed to ship with all quad-core i7's on the E I'm having the same issue, please share if you did fix the problem. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions.

dell latitude e6540 overheating fix

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Also, did you monitoring program display core voltages?Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Dell Latitude wont turn on 5 Easy ways to fix it

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dell latitude e6540 overheating fix

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dell latitude e6540 overheating fix

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Feb 18, 37 0 4, 1. Hi guys! I have a serious problem with my Dell Latitude E I've got a Intel Core2Duo P 2. The problem is that the thermal paste has been replaced a month ago, and the cooling system is dust-free. How could this be possible? Around degrees Celsius, is a perfect normal temperature for a laptop under heavy load, why would it throttle at this temp?

Sep 11, 31 0 18, 8. The Dell Latitude E has a known throttling problem. On this Dell, I think it is the Chipset Clock Modulation throttling that will drop like a rock which kills performance.

Dell never got around to fixing this issue with a bios update. It is a problem for many of these Dells as well as many other Dell laptops from this era. Do some Google research for more info. Edit - Here is a big download that fully explains the problem that a very similar Latitude E has. ThrottleStop was specifically designed to handle these issues in this laptop.

Jul 25, 2, 0 13, Try other temp measuring software to confirm the accuracy of RealTemp.Hello all. First, the easy test case. We have a that was deployed and began being shut down by Windows quickly after boot sometimes before login, sometimes after. Usable access was only by rebooting into Safe Mode before a shutdown.

We determined the Thermal Framework driver updated version 8. We tried several versions of the Thermal Framework, but the only ones that do not trigger the shutdowns are some of the oldest. Right now we have it on 8. Warmer but not overheating.

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Searches online say this is a recurrent Dell issue…. Is there any way to avoid keeping the machine on the old Thermal Framework? Or are we stuck using an outdated driver for temp monitoring? Second part, the bad cases.

We have six so far s that worked the first imaging, then refused to reimage. We use MDT and a slightly custom image. A bland W10 image works so we know it is specific to our custom image. But most of our s and all other models image fine, so it became a background project to diagnose. Recently had an idea for a workaround: image on a goodswap that drive into a badsee if everything works, then deploy if all is good.

It works…. This is why these two issues are together and why diagnosis for part one was quick. Through many drive shuffling tests, we are certain that any of the M. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening to these machines and how we can address it?

dell latitude e6540 overheating fix

Or does anyone have any suggestions of what further to test or try for a diagnosis? We just had 4 of our 's start this shut down behavior last week and also traced it down to Inter thermal framework. In addition, check device manager for the Intel Thermal Framework drivers, one of the versions is known to cause false overheating resulting in unintentional throttling or shutdown.

This affected our Dells but I seen same compliant on the HP forums. You've basically got everything set up that you need to besides driver injection, and that's what's causing your problems. You should be using the total control method, which is outlined here:.

I'll test that on each and, if it goes well, I'll do heat tests to make sure not having it doesn't cause issues. Would it be worth updating the BIOS to the latest issue just to be sure that this point is covered? We've updated BIOS a few times in the process to make sure things are current manually or through Dell Command Updatebut checking again made me realize something odd.

A few of our machines are on BIOS 1.However, in order to be able to function normally again, I recently had to solve a nagging issue with my new Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows My laptop began overheating and shutting down coincidentally, just after a BIOS update ; not a good thing when you use your laptop for business presentations, as I do.

The laptop was relatively new — roughly three months old — and the fan during the first three months of use ran almost constantly. This was annoying, but not tragic, as the laptop performed well. The fan was no longer running as much as it was before. This was great until… the laptop shut down!

This handy little program shows you lots of cool stuff — including the internal temperatures of various important components of your laptop. Okay, here are the steps I took to stop my Dell Inspiron laptop from overheating and shutting down:. After a quick restart not sure if I needed to or notmy laptop was running perfectly. I am hopeful this solution works for you. If you discover a different solution for this problem, please let others know in the comments below.

Mandy Gathercole March 19, AM. Thanks in advance. TheManager March 19, AM. Perhaps someone reading this can respond with a fix. Will March 8, PM. Jason March 3, PM. Still, easier than sending the laptop back and replacing it with another with the same problem.

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Bernadett January 8, PM. I was pretty sad because of this overheating problem, but I tried this and it really works!! Thank you so much! Ali December 4, PM. Hi, I bought a dell laptop 15 and as soon I started using it, its getting hot. Do you have any idea about this?

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TheManager December 5, AM. Unfortunately, I do not. Best of luck. Daniel Rom November 11, AM. TheManager October 8, PM. Should have to downgrade performance to prevent notebook from over heating. But another option might be to turn off turbo mode in bios? Reduces potential clock boost but might run cooler. I just bought a refurb Dell Inspiron 13 inch and definitely notice the heat issues.

Especially updating or any heavy task and it has a Core i7 to boot. Considering returning it already because of the heat problem because I use a notebook on my lap a lot in the evenings.Update the BIOS from here.

Expand System logs and clear all the logs. Restart the system and press F12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diagnostics and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.

These are onboard diagnostics and they might possibly pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Should you require any further details, please click my DELL-username and write me a private message with the service tag and your Name for case records.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late reply. I have updated the bios from that link, cleared all the system logs and ran diagnostics it showed me that my laptop battery is reaching the end of its life and no other errors were found.

Is it harmful for my laptop or not and if its harmful then what should I do? Overheating is a matter of concern when other symptoms start to show.

Latitude E6540

You may receive error messages related to air temperature or fan or system shutdowns. The temperature can also be a result of environmental factors. Go through the article here for more information and in case you need to contact the out of warranty team, use the contact us button at the bottom of the page.

Just tell me one last thing that how much heat my laptop can handle without loosing performance and lifespan. The temperatures you are seeing are higher than what we would consider standard temperatures.

Do you see similar temperatures with other applications? I would suggest you try the below steps. Update the video drivers. Follow the steps suggested in the solution here. Thanks for your reply I've tried the switching graphics card method but didn't worked and there was no updates available for my graphics cards.

I've suspect on something called Dell Power Manager. Is that could be the problem. I'm using the ultra performance power plan. Thanks In Advance. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Abdul Raheem 19 2 Bronze. Recently I have bought used Dell Latitude E When I play games like csgo etc. Is my laptop is running hotter than it should be while gaming?All is not well in the land of the E - and E -series lappytops. Users have been reporting this issue since early in the year and Dell has apparently started censoring some posts on its forums, including a link to a PDF created by now-banned user Tinkerdude describing the problem in detail.

It's entitled "Performance loss during normal operation in a Dell Latitude E laptop due to processor and bus clock throttling", and if you think that's long wait until you see all 59 pages of analysis at the read link.

As of now there's no official fix provided by Dell, leaving many to call this Throttlegate, and we do love a good Stargate reference. Update : Ibrahim e-mailed to let us know that these two series aren't the only ones being gimped. The Studio XPS is said to be having similar but somewhat less drastic issues according to this threadseemingly thanks to an inadequate AC adapter. In this case Dell seems to be shipping replacement adapters to those who call up and complain.

Update 2: Dell's Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca dropped the following in comments, which is something of a positive step: We're aware of concerns raised in this post and others like it.

At this point, our teams are looking into the details. When we have more information to share, we'll update customers via a post on Dell's blog, Direct2Dell. Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up. Dell releases bevy of firmware updates to fix most of what ails some of you. Dell facing massive E and E overheating and underclocking problem?

Latest in Dell. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. We're aware of concerns raised in this post and others like it. In this article: delldell edell eDellEDellEeelatitudethrottlegate. All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company.

Some of our stories include affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Riot responds to concerns about 'Valorant's' new anti-cheat driver. From around the web. Page 1 Page 1 ear icon eye icon Fill 23 text file vr.Haswell business laptop introduced by Dell in This system is notable for being the first Haswell business laptop released, but has multiple known problems - including AMD GPU failure.

Dell Latitude E These are some common tools used to work on this device. You might not need every tool for every procedure. Most legacy W power adapters are known to have Sense IC issues that kill charging.

The adapter must be replaced when it happens, but it is possible to get by while you wait. These steps should bring the adapter back into a state it works, but be aware it will eventually happen again. This only works a handful of times before it no longer helps and stops charging entirely.

IGP models are safe, but came with the p screen only for normal buyers. The cause of GPU failure on these systems is related to poor cooling. Most systems do not run at their true potential due to this design flaw, as many use the MQ processors and they are known to throttle. If your GPU fails, it is soldered to the motherboard and must be replaced by a professional with the required equipment. This is out of reach for most people due to the average cost of the job.

It is generally cheaper to get a refurbished motherboard without a programmed service tag programmed to fix the issue.

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Once the issue is repaired or the board is replacedquality thermal paste and pads on the VRAM will delay the next failure, but not prevent it. Quality thermal paste helps, but delays the failure. Many of these are likely already starting to fail unknowingly. While this is common on all Dell laptops, the E has more keyboard failures then most other laptops. Replacing the keyboard is almost completely unavoidable unless the system is coddled - and it is likely any used example with a near mint one has had previous problems.

Installation of a backlit keyboard is recommended on systems that never shipped with this. It can be interchanged on these systems due to how the microcontroller setup is configured on these laptops.

In a Windows environment, this machine can have issues with hibernation. This can be fixed by resetting the S2 hibernation mode when it's persistent. There are no other options to fix it that will work, outside of installing more RAM. The best sign for this is a volmgr error in Event Viewer.


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